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Menzi Ngubane biography, age, profile, wife, father & actor
Menzi Ngubane biography, age, profile, wife, father & actor

Menzi Ngubane biography, age, profile, wife, father & actor

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Menzi Ngubane is one famous name that is hardly missed when the list of the most famous actors in South Africa is brought to the table. He is popularly known for his outstanding role as Sibusiso Dlomo in Generations.

One of the most prominent actors in the African continent is Menzi Ngubane. The television star is a role model for many people in the continent looking forward to being a popular and talented actor.


NameMenzi Ngubane
Age56 years old
Date of birth28 August 1964
Place of birthLadysmith, KwaZulu-Natal
BirthdayAugust 28
NationalitySouth African
WifeSikelelo Sishuba



Menzi Ngubane is a popular actor who is known throughout the world. He was born in South Africa in 1964, on September 4th. That means this brilliant man is 56 years of age as of 2020.


Menzi Ngubane and his wife - Menzi Ngubane biography, age, profile, wife, father & actor
Menzi Ngubane biography, age, profile, wife, father & actor

Then, the actor married Lerato Sedibe. The two split in 2014, however. Then, in Kagiso on the West Rand, the veteran Ashes to Ashes actor married his ex, Sikelelo Sishuba. Sikelelo and Menzi’s traditional wedding was nothing but stunning.The décor, the dress, and the wedding events were admirable. Menzi wore ibheshu, which is a traditional cowhide Zulu garment. And his entry was more thrilling. The duo’s families, colleagues, partners, and neighbors came out to help both of them. As Sikelelwa stood in front of the steel gate of the Ngubanes, they ululated, as the actor and his entourage sang traditional Zulu songs going from the main house to the entrance. It is clear from the beautiful pictures of Ngubane and Sishuba’s wedding that this occasion was vibrant and joyful.

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Menzi and his wife throw a party to celebrate his father’s 90th birthday. Image: Instagram/Menzi Ngubane.

Ngubane’s father turned ninety years old in March 2020 and is enjoying the gift of long life.

The actor and his wife threw a party for him in a red-and-black themed birthday party held in Ladysmith. Close friends and family were present to celebrate with the family.


He runs a mentorship program called ‘Twelve Auspicious Gentlemen with Menzi Ngubane’.

The primary aim of the program is to actively mentor young boys and also to address the impact caused by social ills.

He hopes to encourage young men to follow a healthy lifestyle through the program.

Kidney Failure

He is a survivor of Kidney failure and was hospitalized for three weeks.

Menzi was put on dialysis for five years (2010 – 2015) while on a kidney transplant waiting list. Ngubane later revealed that he eventually receive a transplant.



In 1987, on the network show known as Kwa Khala Nyonini, the talented man started his career as Cijimpi. The actor has risen to stardom in the second season thanks to the success of his fantastic acting abilities. Over time, in famous South African TV shows, Ngubane has played many roles. Yizo Yizo, Ashes to Ashes, Gold Diggers, and Heist are among these series. This great actor has been starring in Ashes to Ashes as Detective Nkonzo Mazibuko since 2015.

Later, the outstanding TV personality joined Isibaya. He was one of the cast members and, with a somewhat dubious history, played a taxi company supervisor. His role made him one of Isibaya’s most adored actors. This gifted man has made appearances in several films and television shows in addition to starring in this favorite television show. He has appeared alongside John Kani, Terry Pheto and Rapulana Seiphemo in How to Steal 2 Million.

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The actor also starred in the 2004 movie Country of My Skull starring Samuel L. Jackson and Juliette Binoche. Ngubane has received numerous awards and has been named to various South African Film and Television grants. Among the awards, he received the Avanti Award for Best Actor for his role in uBambolwami, a hit television show. In this artistic career, such stardom has made him a force to reckon with.


Net worth, cars, and house



The cast member of The Generations gifted a luxury Mercedes Benz car to his wife. The luxury car and pricey gifts left so many people with the impression that Menzi has an incredible net worth equal to or greater than a six-digit amount. It also made most people realize that he has one of the most comfortable houses.

Menzi Ngubane’s daughter, Aisha Ngubane

On Instagram, Ngubane recently shared a picture with his daughter. The photograph was taken on the day of graduation.

On the other hand, when false news emerged that the daughter of Menzi Ngubane had given birth, most people were unable to help but point out that the veteran actor was now a grandfather. In pursuit of Menzi Ngubane’s daughter photos, others who never knew that the actor had a daughter took to their social media sites. However, the dapper actor came out to discuss this drama. He pointed out that, since the young girl pretending to be his daughter was not his wife, he was not a grandfather. The actor admitted that a long time ago he split with the mother of his daughter, Lerato Sedibe, and was not aware of the drama circulating. His real daughter was not the lady in question.

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Millions of South Africans have won Menzi Ngubane because of its diversity. He’s a ruthless character one minute, and he’s the complete opposite the next. This versatility continues to make fans fall in love with his attractive personality and excellent acting skills.

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