Naledi Willers biography, profile, husband, breast cancer & education

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Naledi Willers is a prominent television personality in South Africa. She is best known as a socialite as well, aside from being just a television star. She appears in The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, the popular Netflix series, which is a reality series based on how housewives live their lives in South Africa. In the Miss Botswana beauty pageant, Naledi was crowned the second princess. She was married to Quinton Masina before, or popularly referred to as the Naked DJ. Naledi is trying very hard to fit into the movies. She’s been changing a great deal.

Naledi Willers (born in Botswana) is a reality TV star, actress, and a former beauty pageant queen from South Africa. She was one of the housemates featured in The Real Johannesburg Housewives.

The show and the drama developed by the six (6) ‘glamorous ladies’ appear to be followed by South African viewers.

Every episode of Johannesburg’s Real Housewives comes with fresh drama as it shows the lifestyle and wealth of these women.

Coupled with their exotic travels, their luxurious way of life has kept most of the show’s lovers glued to their screen.


Naledi Willers biography, profile, husband, breast cancer & education
Naledi Willers, a reality star and a former beauty pageant queen. Image: Instgarm.
Name Naledi Willers
Place of birth Botswana
Nationality South African
Gender Female
Husband Quinton Masina
Profession Reality TV star, model,
Education Law
Popular for Featuring as a housemate on RHOJ


She holds a Law Degree, LLB.


Naledi is married to a popular South African radio DJ, Quinton Masina, also known as the Naked DJ.

Her Instagram account confirms that she has many dreams of living a lifetime.

She travels and has shared photos of her with Minnie Dlamini in Paris and drinking wine in Dubai.


Naledi Willers biography, profile, husband, breast cancer & education
Reality TV star Naledi Willers sitting with legs crossed.

Her mother, who she says is ‘very strict’, raised her in a village in Botswana.
She appreciates the strictness of her mother in raising her, though, as it played a role in making her a disciplined individual.

She also told IOL that her mixed-racial heritage had always fascinated her.

“Growing up was always interesting being a mixed child. I have a white South African father and black Botswana mother,”.


Naledi participated in beauty pageants and ended the competition as Miss Botswana’s second princess.

She also had to adapt to being followed around by cameras and it made it strange to converse with others.

All that the show covers is true, although their schedules are plotted.

“Nothing is scripted and we are not told what to say or how to act,”.

Breast Cancer survivor

Naledi Willers biography, profile, husband, breast cancer & education
Naledi Willers picture.

Naledi shared a story of how she beat breast cancer, with two (2) long posts she shared on Instagram, the brave RHOJ star said.

She was diagnosed on November 29 last year with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.

Naledi first made the announcement of her diagnosis by saying, “If I look like I’ve just been through a war, it’s because I have.”


She was known for being an Instagram model before she appeared on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. She is truly a hard-working actress and is focused on her career at the moment. Everyday, she wants to grow more and more. She has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for her work. Naledi is becoming effective day by day with these skills, as her acting abilities have also been improving lately.

10 Facts About Naledi Willers:

  1. Naledi Willers is a South African who was born in Botswana, South Africa. She spent her entire childhood there.
  2. She is a popular television personality who appears in the Netflix series named The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.
  3. Her exact date of birth has not been known. However, she seems to be in her thirties.
  4. Naledi’s height, as well as weight, remains a mystery to date.
  5. It is believed that she received her entire education in Botswana, South Africa.
  6. The estimated net worth of Naledi is not yet known. However. she has told the media that her entire information will be known very soon.
  7. She recently got divorced from Quinton Masina.
  8. Currently, Naledi has been residing in her hometown in Botswana, South Africa.
  9. She is seen sometimes active on Instagram.
  10. In fact, she has gained more than 72.8 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

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