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Pearl Thusi is yet to believe everything happening all over the world is real.

The star took to her social media to share that the current effects of the pandemic is just like a plot of a horror movie.

The actress posted about how the virus and its effects are similar to evil beings and demons that often feature in the scary films.

Pearl mentioned that most people are scared of going out because they have it in mind that something invisible is going round that can get one killed.

Pearl tweeted: “The planet right now is like a horror movie… just scared of some invisible thing that could kill you if you go outside. Like a demon… that enters you & no one can help you. But it’s scary & actually real- so it’s more like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from”.

Many of her followers agreed to her thoughts as they shared some of what they have seen in various movies which is similar to what is currently happening.

See tweet below:

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