R. Kelly may feel like he’s locked up in a cell, but he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to vaccines, as we’ve heard he’s already had his second dose.

After receiving shot #2 from the Bureau of Prisons at MCC Chicago, where he’s currently held while awaiting trial, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ the imprisoned singer is as COVID-safe as can be.

Kelly received his first dose in January and his second dose this month, so he’s now completely immunized.

According to the BOP, 63 inmates and 128 staff members at MCC Chicago have been completely vaccinated so far.

Kelly attempted and failed twice to be released from jail during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic due to the danger of contracting the disease, as we previously reported.

With a vaccine efficacy rate of about 95%, he doesn’t have to think nearly as much about it anymore, but his trial still looms. The date has been set for September.

Kelly’s lawyers refused to comment when we called them.



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