Sbahle Mpisane has decided to join the 5KM walk which will be coming up tomorrow, 12 June in Durban at Sun Coast Beach.

The fitness bunnie stated that she is ready to empower women and children with the walk as she asks her fans and followers to join her.

Although, the star is still in recovery following her horrific car crash back in 2018 but she is ready to do all it takes.

Sbahle urged others to grab their essentials as per COVID-19 regulations and join her.

She wrote: “Join me for a walk as we take each stride forward towards empowering womxn and children. Open to all genders and children are welcome. Essentials: Grab your mask, strap on your comfy shoes as well as your water bottle and towel. Bear in mind it’s winter now so be smart. Tag & Share, see you on Saturday.”


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