South Africa's Top 5 Best Motivational Speakers in 2021

South Africa’s Top 5 Best Motivational Speakers in 2021

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Given the way that the world is set up today, there is a need for people who inspire, mentor, influence, empower, challenge, and help us achieve our goals and move forward in life. As it is said, nobody has all the answers in one place. Instead, we draw on the shared knowledge and understanding of others in order to help us manage life. Motivational speakers specialize in different fields in South Africa, including, but not limited to, life skills, hope and personal branding.

Whether its vast knowledge of a particular field or an innovative way to convey their message, every motivational speaker has a unique aspect about them. It doesn’t mean you have to be exactly like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King to be a motivational speaker; just be you! Some of the best speakers that the continent has to offer are in South Africa.

5 best motivational speakers in South Africa 2019

With names like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu coming to mind, South Africa has been known to create some excellent motivational speakers over time. Here are 5 of South Africa’s best motivational speakers.

1. Neal Petersen

Neal Petersen is a world-class experienced solo sailing yachtsman, an award-winning author and global investor. So far, he has published two novels, No Barriers (1994) and Journey of a Hope Merchant: From Apartheid to Solo Yacht Racing Elite World: (2004). He is also South Africa’s first coloured sailor to race around the globe solo. Before telling his inspiring story, Neal graced the TEDx Talk process.

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2. Femi Adebanji

Mr. Adebanji is one of the most sort after black motivational speakers South Africa. He is the director of Mind-Advance Institute, a holder of a Masters degree in Financial Economics and an Honors degree in Economics. As a performance consultant, Femi Adebanji works with individuals and businesses to help them achieve their goals and become more successful.

3. Miles Kubheka


The entrepreneur, chef, author, and public speaker is Mile Kubheka. He’s the author of ‘From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream.’ He’s also the Vuyo brand’s founder and director. Miles, an IT graduate, works with entrepreneurs and then offers feedback on the specifications required to establish and sustain a successful company.

 Website: Miles Kubheka

4. Christopher Bertish

An explorer, a stand-up paddleboarder and a popular speaker of inspiration. The first person to cross the Atlantic on a stand-up paddle was Chris. He was named among the 100 pioneering individuals, and in the premier 3D book to be printed in space, his 250-word essay was included. Also, Chris is the author of the book Stoked! And the 2010 Mavericks Big Wave Invitational winner. He has numerous keynote events where he speaks, among others, on subjects such as planning, risk and fear management, and creativity.

Website: Chris Bertish

YouTube: Chris Bertish

Twitter: @chris_bertish

Facebook: @OfficialChrisBertish

Instagram: chrisbertish

5. Zipho Sikhakhane

This list of motivational speakers from Mzansi is not composed entirely of men. Currently, Zipho is both the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of the EMZ Advisory Group. The first black South African at Stanford University to complete an MBA was Zipho, a global business consultant and public speaker. She was also a 2016 UNESCO Outstanding Young Achiever Award winner. Zipho gives uplifting talks on leadership, the management of transition, and Africa’s potential. On the TEDx Talk point, she delivered conversations.

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Twitter: @ziphosikhakhane

Instagram: ziphosikhakhane

Facebook: @zipho

Other top motivational speakers South Africa include:

  1. Gayton McKenzie- Is a renowned businessman who was once a convicted criminal. He gives motivational talks and is also an author.
  2. Allan Heyl who was once a gang robber.
  3. Pie-Pacifique who is originally from Rwanda but is based in South Africa and is a renowned international motivation speaker.

Motivational speakers, especially in today’s world, are important in South Africa. They rely on cultivating young aspiring people into great entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders, as well as inspiring them to overcome different life challenges. It is easier for people to relate to other people’s struggles and experiences when trying to be successful. Everyone needs inspiration when striving for greatness, therefore, feel free to view South African motivational speakers videos to be encouraged.

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