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Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi opens up about her collapsed bond with Robert Marawa

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Pearl Thusi spilled the tea about her friendship with Robert Marawa and on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill, other things people don’t about.

The actress was really open to answering all the questions, especially her relationship and breakup with Marawa, thrown at her.


Pearl admitted that she realized that the relationship was no longer the best for her and that she is very good at realizing that it is important for growth to move on.


She said Some individuals are so desperate to remain safe and secure that they never grow.” And for me, that’s so sad.


Pearl explained how she knew that the relationship had run its course and that she knew that it was no longer advantageous to her, as much as she wanted to stay:


Robert and I had a fantastic friendship. For reasons we would rather not talk about, things didn’t work. That’s not what we wanted, but that’s what happened. No matter how much you would like to stay, you need to know when to leave circumstances. If you don’t die in it, when something is not good, learn from it and move on.

Pearl continued: “I feel like that’s been the situation in all my relationships.” I get to a point where I’m like, because it’s supposed to be a concern in any relationship, is that the rest of my life? And if you say no, then you’re wasting your time.’

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