COVID-19 Update: President Ramaphosa reveals the new variant of the virus spreads much faster than the earlier variants


President  Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the nation following the news of the high spread of Covid-19.

The president revealed the country is still on Level 3 of the lockdown and all rules still remain the same.

Since the first outbreak in March, the country has been able to move from a total lockdown to various levels, though, still following the preventive measures.

According to him, the cases is now on 1.2million and have recorded more than 33,000 deaths & more than 148,000 people have been admitted to hospital.

Read some of what he said from his speech:

  1. Cabinet has decided to maintain the country on adjusted alert level 3.
  2. Funerals may not be attended by more than 50 people, and there needs to be social distancing, hand sanitising and mask wearing.
  3. Given the risk of widespread transmission, most indoor and outdoor gatherings will not be permitted.
  4. The hours of curfew will now start at 9pm and end earlier, at 5am.
  5. It remains compulsory for every person to wear a mask in a public space.
  6. The sale of alcohol from retail outlets and the on-site consumption of alcohol is still not be permitted.
  7. All beaches, dams, lakes, rivers, public parks and public swimming pools in #hotspot areas will be closed.
  8. To reduce congestion and the high risk of transmission, Cabinet has decided that the 20 land ports of entry that are currently open will be closed until the 15th of February for general entry and departure.
  9. We do know that this new variant of the virus spreads much faster than the earlier variants. This explains the fact that many more people have become infected in a far shorter space of time.

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