10 Ways to Make Money Fast in South Africa 2021

10 Ways to Make Money Fast in South Africa 2021

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Everyone wants a life that is all imaginable, a luxury and quick life, but when they have the potential at their fingertips, they sit at home lazily waiting for an opportunity to knock.

If you haven’t made money and you’re a South African, don’t blame this on anyone. If you’re South African and you’ve been thinking about how to make cash quickly in 2021, 10 tips that would be very helpful are below.


1. Look for problems technology can solve

Ours is not a very developed society, so the creative use of technology can solve quite a few challenges and issues. Technology has produced many of them in their twenties with the youngest group of billionaires in the world in the last decade.

You will develop useful solutions to these problems if you have a good eye for identifying issues and challenges. In order to deliver a tech startup, you don’t need to have hardcore programming abilities. You can either come up with ideas and team up with a more talented developer, or hire a few developers if you can.

2. Eateries and restaurant business

If you can run a food and beverage center in South Africa, then you will make good money because South Africans will still feed, even if the economy is poor. As long as it is situated in a populated area, a restaurant is a successful business that is still profitable. There are many restaurants springing up almost every year in cities like Capetown and the numbers have not really gone down.

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3. Wedding planning business

This essentially means arranging for the marriage of people when they only turn up on their D-day themselves. Basically, wedding planners are supposed to take the workload of planning a wedding off the shoulders of the planned couple and you need to have an office or at least have your phone number and public contact listed as a wedding planner so that people can contact you. You will also have to hire a hall, do the setup and provident caterers for food.

4. Own a house

There are not many South Africans who own their own homes, but they just end up getting richer for those that do, because real estate is one sure thing in South Africa that hardly ever loses value except that, depending on how good the structure is, it gets to over 50 years or more.

5. Start a mini-importation business

There are a number of free e-books on how to buy and sell cheap goods on the South African market from countries such as China, Vietnam, Australia and so on. In order for the ROI to be very high, it is good to choose items that are a consequence of the market survey.

6. Start a lounge or relaxation centre

Owning a relaxation center in high-brow cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg can really be a good income generator as individuals look out for lounges to relax either after the day’s work or during the weekend, particularly working class peeps in these cities. If it’s doubled as a viewing centre, it gives more money.

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7. Start a travel/tourism agency

Everybody travels each day. Starting a travel/tourism agency will certainly provide an entrepreneur with some income who can take time to develop him or herself in the travel business market. Creating a website, renting an office and recruiting at least two travel agents is very critical.


8. Start a bookmaking business

Ignore what somebody would like to try to tell you about bookmakers’ moral justification. One of the most profitable companies in South Africa is the bookmaking and sports trading sector. It is also one of the companies that needs the greatest resources to start up. You can look into sports bookmaking if you have the cash.

9. Start a school

One sure way to make money in South Africa is this. In order to start a school, you do not need to have millions of rand, but you need to meet the basic criteria of the educational regulatory board. One of the companies that you can start small and look to grow over the years is a school.

10. Start a transport business


If you know how South Africa’s transport business operates, starting a transport company in South Africa is a sure way to make money if you have enough cash to start up. You also need to reach an agreement with drivers and terminal executives. In South Africa, the transport industry is very lucrative.

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